Zubroffka International Short Film Festival 2023 (Poland)

Leeds International Film Festival 2023 (UK)
Le Chouette Film Festival 2023 (France)
Winner Best Director
Nieve Roja 2023 (Argentina)
Argentinian premiere
Night of the Short 2023 (Belgium)
Brussels Short Film Festival 2023
Beeston Film Festival 2023 (UK)
Winner Best Horror
HSFCon 2023 (Netherlands)
Cine-Maniacs Filmfest 2023 (Germany)
Meme Pas Peur Festival 2023 (France)
Panama Horror Film Festival 2023 (Panama)
Panamanian premiere
Nevermore Film Festival 2023 (United States)
Love Your Shorts Film Festival 2023 (United States)
Winner Best Sci-Fi/Horror
Red Movie Awards 2023, annual selection (France)
Nominated for Best Production Design
Venezia Shorts 2023 (Italy)
Leiden International Film Festival 2022 (Netherlands)
Winner Extraordinary Shorts Competition
Fenêtres Sur Courts 2022 (France)
Winner Audience Award – International Genre Film Competition
Morbido Merida 2022 (Mexico)
Mayhem Film Festival 2022 (United Kingdom)
Spasm Festival 2022 (Canada)
FilmQuest Festival 2022 (United States)
Winner Best Make-Up Effects – Short
CineSud Fright Night 2022 (Netherlands)
Mr Horror’s Halloween Horror Show 2022 (Netherlands)
Night of the Horror Festival 2022 (Belgium)
Winner Best International Short
Winner Best Producer
Winner Best Writer
Red Movie Awards 2022, summer edition (France)
Winner Best Make-up
FILMETS Badalona Film Festival 2022 (Spain)
Monstrale International Short Film Festival 2022 (Germany)
Pleinbioscoop Rotterdam 2022 (Netherlands)
Shift Film Festival 2022 (Netherlands)
Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 2022 (Belgium)
BUT Film Festival 2022 (Netherlands)
Vlaardings Filmfestival 2022 (Netherlands)
Winner Best Film
Niederrhein Filmfestival 2022 (Germany)
Ravenheart International Film Festival 2022 (Norway)
Norwegian premiere
Winner Best Special Make-Up Effects
Galacticat Festival de Cinema Fantàstic 2022 (Spain)
Popcorn Frights Film Festival 2022 (United States)
Portland Horror Film Festival 2022 (United States)
Shortcutz Amsterdam 2022 (Netherlands)
Nominated for Best Screenplay
Zuidelijk Film Festival 2022 (Netherlands)
Rotterdams Open Doek 2022 (Netherlands)
On Vous Ment Film Festival 2022 (France)
Reel Shorts Film Festival 2022 (Canada)
Panic Fest 2022 (United States)
Landshut Short Film Festival 2022 (Germany)
Cabane à Sang Film Festival 2022 (Canada)
Fantaspoa Film Festival 2022 (Brazil)
Brazilian premiere
Filmfest Bremen 2022 (Germany)
Limburg Film Festival 2022 (Netherlands)
Nominated for Best Short Fiction Film
Fantasporto Film Festival 2022 (Portugal)
Portuguese premiere
Paris International Fantastic Film Festival 2021 (France)
French premiere
Filmfest Düsseldorf 2021 (Germany)
Dark Arts Film Festival 2021 (Netherlands)
Dutch premiere
Winner Best Benelux Short
Winner Best Practical Special Effects
Special mention Best Horror Short
Lund Fantastic Film Festival 2021 (Sweden)
Swedish premiere
Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2021 (Canada)
Winner Best International Short
Razor Reel Flanders Film Festival 2021 (Belgium)
Belgian premiere
TOHorror Fantastic Film Fest 2021 (Italy)
Italian premiere
Winner Best Special Effects
Fantasy Filmfest 2021 (Germany)
German premiere
Second place Audience Award (runner up)
Maniatic Film Festival 2021 (Spain)
Winner Best Screenplay
Celluloid Screams 2021 (United Kingdom)
Screamfest Horror Film Festival 2021 (United States)
Los Angeles premiere
Hellifax Horror Fest 2021 (Canada)
Dead and SudBuried Horrorthon V 2021 (United Kingdom)
UK premiere
Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia 2021 (Spain)
European premiere
Macabro: Mexico City International Horror Film Festival 2021 (Mexico)
Latin American premiere
Fantasia International Film Festival 2021 (Canada)
North American premiere

Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival 2021 (South Korea)
World premiere